To Prep or Not to Prep Your Tackle Box

If you and your buddies are avid fishermen like the staff here at Lawrence Bay Lodge, then you probably can’t stop thinking about the upcoming spring season and the opportunity it provides to get back out on the water. Sure, there are other hobbies – like ice fishing – to hold you over during the long, cold winter.

But there is nothing like the thrill of reeling in a huge Northern Pike on Reindeer Lake.

Luckily, there is one thing you can do while not-so-patiently waiting for the spring season to roll around: organize and prep your tackle box!

This weekend, instead of spending your afternoons watching someone else enjoy the glory of catching that prize-winning pike on television, take out all your spinner, spoons and jigs to prep them for the upcoming season.

There will be plenty of cleaning and straightening of hooks to do; if you get it all done now you can head right out to the lake when the weather warms up instead of having to sort through your supplies then.

Not feeling up to all the cleaning, repairing and sorting this year? Field & Stream contributor Dave Wolak offer an even more enticing solution to those of you looking for an excuse to visit your local outdoor store. Avoid the extra work, snap a few photos of your old lures and sell them on EBay!

Just because you didn’t like the weight of that fly you purchased last summer (and only used it once) doesn’t mean that someone else’s technique won’t be more suitable for it.

And just because you worry that someday you just might need that spoon in your extra lure pile doesn’t mean that you should keep it lying around for yet another season.

Luckily, whether you decide to put your time into organizing your tackle this winter or selling it (and using the money you make to buy new gear), Lawrence Bay Lodge is just a phone call away, waiting for you to book your first fishing vacation of the upcoming season with us!