What are the Best Places to Display a Mounted Fish?

The thrill of catching fish on the lake while staying at Lawrence Bay Lodge is often followed by the fun of mounting your prize catch and then displaying it for others to see.

So where does a person display their mounted fish? Does it belong in the living room, the bedroom, or bathroom? How about the hallway, the garage or basement? It depends on how prominent you want it to be.

People generally agree that a mounted fish does NOT need to be the focal point of a room. It should be hung on a wall where people will see it, but it doesn’t need to be the main thing people notice when they walk into a room.

A mounted fish is a good conversation piece, so pairing it with some artwork and/or family photos up a staircase or down a hallway makes sense. For many fishermen, that fish is like another member of the family, after all. If you have photos from your fishing trip and your relaxing time at Lawrence Bay Lodge, consider framing those and hanging them around the mounted fish display to give the fish some context.

Man caves and/or home offices/dens are also good places to display mounted fish. If you have a room with bookcases, dark leather chairs, a bar, maybe a fireplace, and rustic decor, a mounted fish works well to show to others you’re someone who likes the outdoors and fishing; it also tells people you travel because that fish came from somewhere far from home.