What Constitutes a Trophy Northern Pike?

Here at Lawrence Bay Lodge, we enjoy fishing for trophy Northern Pike on Reindeer Lake and nearby bodies of water just like the many fishermen who come to our lodge for fishing and hunting adventures in Canada.

So how do you know if a Northern Pike is a trophy Northern Pike?

It depends on how much the fish weighs. If it’s over 20 pounds, it’s considered by most to be a trophy Northern Pike. Judging by past experience, we can tell you Reindeer Lake is one of the most productive lakes in the north because it drains a very large portion of northeastern Saskatchewan and northwestern Manitoba. Huge Northern Pike hang out in the bays and large wood flats of the region. They feed on whitefish, suckers, perch and burbot, thus growing to monstrous sizes.

Just to give you an idea of the size of Northern Pike caught, get this: it’s not unusual for guests to catch them up to 52” long. If they’re that long, you know they’re going to be quite heavy, as in “trophy!”

Using 18’ deep transom Lund boats with 40 horsepower Mercury motors, Lawrence Bay Lodge’s boats are comfortable and ready-to-go for your and your trophy Northern Pike. With two floatplanes available to get you to outpost camps, Lawrence Bay Lodge is well-equipped to help you catch trophy Northern Pike during your stay. Contact us today to book your Northern Pike fishing expedition!