What to Consider When Choosing a Fishing Rod

If you want to be a successful angler, you need to have the right equipment. There are a lot of supplies and equipment fishing requires, but your rod is one of the most important pieces. You can have all the skill in the world, but if you pick up the wrong rod, it won’t make a difference out on the water.

Your fishing rod should be well-suited to your skill level, targeted species, and the conditions in which you plan to fish. To determine which rod best fits these needs, there are a few different components you need to consider as you shop. Let’s take a closer look at what you should be paying attention to.

Type of Rod

Most fishing rods are a variation on two basic styles: casting rods and spinning rods. On a casting rod, the guides—small rings through which the fishing line is threaded for better control—are on top of the blank. This allows you to place casts with better precision and accuracy, making them particularly useful for catching heavy or strong fighter fish.

A spinning rod is similar to a casting rod, but is thinner, lighter, and has guides positioned on the bottom (facing down). This type of rod is easy to learn with, making it ideal for beginners.

Rod Length

The length of your fishing rod is important because it will determine how far you can cast. The longer a rod is, the farther you’ll be able to cast. If you’re looking to cover more water or target species that hang in deeper water, more length on your rod will be advantageous. The caveat is that with longer rods you have less control over maneuvering your cast.

Shorter rods, of course, will have a shorter cast. This may sound limiting, but can actually be beneficial in certain situations by giving you more control. Shorter length is helpful, for example, in close combat fishing because you’ll have less bend.

Rod Materials

Fishing rods are made either of graphite, fiberglass, or a composite of the two. Graphite rods are lighter and stiffer. Their brittle feel makes them break more easily, but also better at detecting lighter bites. The rigidity and fighting power of a graphite rod is ideal for more advanced anglers.

A fiberglass fishing rod is a strong and durable option that offers more flexibility than a graphite rod. They’re good for fishing larger and more aggressive species (like the Northern pike!). Fiberglass rods are also popular because they’re affordable and low-maintenance.

Composite rods are made with both graphite and fiberglass to produce a rod that is lightweight, sturdy, and flexible. They’re essentially the best of both worlds. If you fish a variety of species, locations, and conditions, then a composite rod will be worth the money for you.

Rod Action

The action of a rod is the point at and degree to which it bends. Rod action ranges from fast to slow. A fast-action fishing rod bends closer to the top, so that it can remain more rigid as you’re reeling in a catch. Fast action is ideal for heavier baits on single hooks, and to fish stronger and bottom-feeding species.

A medium-action fishing rod bends near the middle, giving it a good casting distance and making it a versatile rod. It’s good for both single and multiple hooks, and small and medium fish.

Lastly, a slow-action rod is a rod that bends closer to the butt. This is the lightest and most flexible type of rod, ideal for light bait and smaller fish.

Rod Power

A rod’s ability to withstand pressure is referred to as its power. Power ranges from ultra-heavy to ultra-light and everywhere in between. The heavier power or resistance a rod has, the less it will bend. This is good for fishing heavier species, using jigs or topwater baits, and for deep sea fishing.

Lighter-power rods have more bend and bite sensitivity. They’re ideal for fishing smaller species and using lighter, thinner lures that are less visible in open water.

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