What You Should Get a Fishing Addict This Christmas

What You Should Get a Fishing Addict This Christmas

If you have a fisherman in your family, chances are they are hard to please when it comes to getting them fishing related gifts. Choosing a gift anglers will actually use is no easy feat for those who don’t fish themselves. But don’t give up just yet and turn to a boring gift card!

There are a number of great fishing gifts out there; here are a few of our favorites:

Beard Face Shield

This makes a great fishing gift since it protects your face from all of the elements while on the water. If it’s cold out, it will protect your face from the wind. If it’s sunny out, it will protect your face from burning. When it’s muggy out it will protect your face from the insects. It’s the perfect face shield protector for any outdoorsman!

Mariner’s Sharpening Station

The fisherman in your life probably has a drawer full of dull fillet knives that sit there without being sharpened. This sharpening station is specifically designed for fillet and sports knives and has suction cup mounts on it so it can easily stick to a boat, counter or fillet board. There are also built in scissor and hook sharpeners!

Nomad Net

This net is durable yet light and is made of composite materials. The basket is rubberized mesh, so it’s easier for the angler and the fish! If the fisherman you are buying for has broken or scratched too many expensive wooden nets, this Nomad Net might be a good call.

It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays and we hope we helped you brainstorm some ideas for the fishing addict in your life! Now all you need to do is book a fishing trip with Lawrence Bay Lodge. We take pride in the great fishing opportunities we offer our guests and we can’t wait for you to book a trip with us!

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