Why Fishing Resorts Are the Way to Go

It would be nice if you could literally transport everything from home to the land and lakes of Canada for an ultimate fishing trip. However, that’s not feasible. Imagine a truck loaded with your fishing gear, food, and bed, along with a boat and other stuff you’d need to enjoy time in the wilderness. Thankfully, Lawrence Bay Lodge exists on Reindeer Lake with exactly what you need for your home away from home to enjoy an awesome fishing trip.

Looking for a Northern Pike fishing resort? Lawrence Bay Lodge has a package which provides you not only with a nice place to sleep at night near the lake, but also your boat, your fishing guide and everything else you need in order to experience nature at its best while comfortable.

Saskatchewan walleye fishing is an adventure at Lawrence Bay Lodge thanks to 18’ deep transom Lund boats with 40hp Mercury motors. The fishing boats have seats with back rests and life jackets. Then there are two floatplanes (a Beaver and a Cessna 180) to get to different outposts on Reindeer Lake. You’ll feel like an explorer– this is life away from the city!

Don’t worry about what you’ll eat and drink– you don’t have to bring your own. At Lawrence Bay Lodge you’ll enjoy a tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner. At night, when you’re ready for a good night’s sleep, enjoy the modern cabins with showers and flush toilets.

Lawrence Bay Lodge is to fishermen what the Superbowl is to football fans– the ultimate experience. When you want to combine fishing with a resort stay, Lawrence Bay Lodge is THE fishing resort to visit in Canada.