Why Moose Are the Perfect Animals for Taxidermy

At Lawrence Bay Lodge, we pride ourselves on having some of the best moose hunting in Saskatchewan. About 90% of our hunters have had the opportunity to take a bull moose. We hunt moose during the peak of the rut, which is just starting right now in mid-September. Calling in a big Bull Moose during the peak of the rut is an unbelievable experience and an experience all serious hunters should enjoy.

Most hunters don’t enjoy that level of success in moose hunting. In fact, some hunters dream of taking home a moose for their entire lives. Depending on where a hunter lives, they may not have access to such an exhilarating animal to hunt. Hunters visit Lawrence Bay Lodge from all over the place to hunt moose.

There are many reasons why moose are considered to be such a top prize. For one, they are absolutely enormous creatures, the largest members of the deer family. They’re intricate and unique antlers are a sight to behold. There’s also a certain mystique to moose. Unlike other deer, they tend to live in more desolate areas and less hospitable climates. In fact, they are solitary animals that don’t form herds. For some people, seeing a moose up close for the first time is an experience to remember in and of itself.

A moose trophy hung high above the rest is often a hunter’s most prized possession. Since the Stone Age, man has been chasing the moose, overcoming the odds against the treachery of nature and hunting the mammoth creatures. Taxidermy is a great way to showcase years and years of hunting experience, and just as in nature, the moose proudly hung from your wall reigns supreme.

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