Why You Should Be Eating More Fish

In recent years a lot of new, trendy diets have emerged and found their place on many New Year’s resolution lists and weight-loss blogs. Some of them work for the short-term, some for the long-term, and some don’t really do much for your health at all.

What about the classic approaches though? We’re talking about small, yet significant, diet alterations proven effective not only for dropping the pounds, but to promote total health and wellness too. Call to mind those little suggestions your doctor makes or the things your mom nagged you about as a child—eat more vegetables, drink more water, aim for five servings of fruit a day, eliminate sugary drinks, increase your protein intake.

Well, we have a recommendation for you that’s still a practical way to improve your overall health, but also fun and delicious—fish! Check out some of the many advantages to incorporating more fish into your diet and, once you’re convinced, have some fun with it and book one of our awesome fishing trips. Who knows—you might even catch your next meal!

Why is fish so good for you?

Fish is one of the healthiest meats that we harvest for food. Adding any amount of fish to your diet is likely to reduce and prevent weight gain. The fats that fish contribute to your body are considered “good fats” that promote the optimal functioning of many different organ systems. Also, the healthy fat in fish is something your body can’t make on its own—it has to be consumed.

These little swimmers are also filled with other essential vitamins and nutrients that significantly contribute to lowering your risk for quite a few chronic and serious diseases, such as diabetes and coronary disease.

What are some other benefits of adding fish to your diet?

Aside from the positive overall health advantages we just described, a fish-inclusive diet offers numerous other perks that’ll have you Googling the best fish recipes! Some additional benefits to fish consumption include:

Healthy Hair and Skin

Fish is packed with vitamins, iron, zinc, and other nutrients that promote strong, voluminous hair, and healthy, glowing skin.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

These powerful fatty acids are the “good fats” we were talking about! They are abundant in fish and enhance mental health and cognitive functioning, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Healthy Pregnancies

Those Omega-3s, the low level on unsaturated fat, high protein and other nutrients fish meat offers promotes the overall health and wellness of both women who are expecting and their babies. Just be sure to consult your doctor about which types of fish are helpful, and which ones to avoid.

Immune System Boost

The high levels of magnesium that fish contains support antibody production and help the cells in your body protect themselves from invaders. The Vitamin B6 found in fish has over 100 enzymes to strengthen the immune system overall and prevent malfunctioning.

Building more of your diet around fish will have not only undeniable physical and mental health benefits, but tasty ones too!

Schedule a fishing trip with us today to give yourself the opportunity for both a great adventure and some quality fish meat to experiment with in the kitchen. Or, just book a stay at Lawrence Bay Lodge and enjoy some of the delectable recipes our own dining facilities have to offer.

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