Why You Should Start Fly Fishing in 2018

Are you curious about fly fishing? There’s no better time like the New Year to pick up a new hobby, and we think fly fishing is one to try for 2018. Read on for a few reasons why you should consider starting fly fishing:

You’ll learn a lot

Fly fishing will teach you about reading currents, mimicking natural food types for a variety of fish species and finding fish on seams. If you enjoy other types of fishing, your newfound knowledge will make you a better all-around fisherman.

It’s a full-body workout

When you wade your way up a river or creek and cast as you go, you’re getting a fantastic workout. Your core and legs will work hard as you wade against the current, and the muscles of your casting arm will get stronger every time you cast.

The view is amazing

Because you can wade directly into the water instead of always fishing from a boat, fly fishing will take you to some amazing places that you couldn’t otherwise access. Picture wading up a river with mountains rising up on either side of you … sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

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