3 Tips to Help You Cook Your Next Fish Perfectly

Fishing Lodge in Saskatchewan

One of the most satisfying parts of a day spent fishing is returning home from the water and cooking up your tasty catch for dinner. Aside from knowing a delicious meal awaits you, there’s a certain sense of accomplishment in preparing a fish that represents the fruits of your labor and skill.

You don’t have to be a master chef to turn out a good fish dish, but there are a few finer points to be aware of to help you get the texture and flavor just right. The tips below are the ones we deem most important for cooking your catch to perfection!

1) Don’t marinate your fish for too long.

Marinating is a great way to add flavor and moisture to your fish, just like any meat. However, you need to be careful not to let fish sit in an acidic marinade for more than the recommended amount of time. If left for too long, acidic ingredients begin to cook the fish and cause the protein to denature, leaving you with a final product that’s too soft. Keep your marinades mild and your eyes on the clock.

2) Only flip fish once.

Most cooking methods (other than baking or broiling) require fish to be flipped or rotated about halfway through—but just once. After you throw your fish on the grill or stovetop, leave it alone and it’ll develop the perfect crust. Then, when it does come time to flip, there won’t be any sticking or mess to destroy your hard work.

3) Prevent fish from overcooking by testing for doneness.

Generally, fish needs about 7-10 minutes to cook through per inch of thickness. Keep in mind though that it will continue to cook in the pan even after removed from the heat. To avoid overcooking, start testing for doneness by inserting a thin knife at the thickest part of the fish around that 7-minute mark (or it’s equivalent based on thickness). Once it’s just barely translucent in the center, remove to let it finish cooking off the heat.

Lawrence Bay Lodge is known for our trophy fish catch and release program, but that doesn’t mean we don’t leave you with a few small keepers to cook for dinner!

When you book a guided fishing trip with us, you’ll have ample opportunity to reel in catches both big and small. This way, everybody gets their chance at a trophy fish along with a fresh fillet to bring home. You can even learn a few cooking pointers watching our fishing guides prepare your small catches from the morning for a delicious shore lunch the same day!

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