4 Fun Facts About Northern Pike

Northern Pike Fishing in Saskatchewan

There are thousands of different species of fish swimming around in the waters of the world. We even have quite a few right here in Reindeer Lake! One of our favorite species to fish is a large predator fish called the northern pike.

Before you head out to the water to reel one in, check out some of these interesting facts about this popular sport fish!

1) Northern pike are carnivorous predators.

Northern pike play an important role as predator fish in many bodies of water. They are large eaters and tend to snap at bait quite readily, making them a favorite among fishermen. They use their long, sharp teeth to eat pretty much anything that crosses their path, including frogs, small fish, worms, bait, and lures.

2) Pike have very distinctive physical characteristics.

A large, elongated body, shovel-like snout filled with razor sharp teeth, and big, bright, yellow eyes are all telltale features of a northern pike. They are usually green in color with a white underside and have small scales. Pike have a layer of mucous around their scales that is typically removed before eating.

3) They can swim up to ten miles per hour.

Northern pike are excellent swimmers, despite their large size and heavy weight. They swim, on average, between eight and ten miles per hour. Their size and agility allow them to put up a good fight, which is why they’re so popular among sport fishermen.

4) Pike are good at camouflaging themselves in covered areas.

Their camouflaging tendencies, along with their ability to remain perfectly still for long periods of time, make northern pike the perfect ambush predator. They lie in wait for their prey, attacking in short, rapid bursts. Pike have long feeding periods and short digestions times, which means they’ll usually go after anything that moves.

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