5 Tips for Planning a Successful Corporate Retreat

Keeping your employees focused, motivated, and feeling appreciated is not an easy feat for any company owner or executive. Doing all of these things is essential though to creating a team that works hard, collaborates successfully, and sticks around to help your business grow.

A great way to improve productivity and morale around the office is to take your employees on a one-of-a-kind company retreat. A corporate fishing trip at Lawrence Bay Lodge, for example, offers you and your colleagues a chance to relax in nature, work together to complete new challenges, and just have some fun with one another. To get the most out of your company getaway, use these tips below to pull off an unforgettable and fruitful retreat!

1) Before you start making any plans, identify your goals.

If you want your corporate retreat to be a success, you need to plan it with your objectives in mind. Think about what you’re setting out to accomplish with this experience, so you can choose a location and create an itinerary that are conducive to your goals.

Are you trying to boost morale? Improve teamwork? Inspire creativity? Reward a job well done? A combination? Knowing this answer will help you plan a retreat with the right balance of work, fun, and relaxation.

2) Ask for opinions from your team.

The challenge of ensuring your retreat is a hit with the people you’re planning it for has a simple solution—just ask them what they want! Send out a survey or email or talk to people individually about what they’d like to get out of a company retreat. Find out what interests them, if they’ve had any positive retreat experiences in the past, and ask for suggestions.

Asking for employee input on your trip will also get your team members excited for it and show that you value their opinions right off the bat. Their feedback will be helpful in choosing a good destination and planning activities.

3) Choose a location where you can balance work and play.

Speaking of location, the destination you choose can easily make or break your whole trip. You’ll need a venue and lodging that can accommodate your work needs, as well as offer plenty of opportunities for fun and bonding.

Look for places that have a traditional workspace where you can focus and get down to business. This will help keep any work portion of the trip distinguished from the fun and relaxation portion. At Lawrence Bay Lodge, for instance, our main lodge is conveniently equipped for meetings of 40 people or more. When it’s time to kick back and enjoy yourselves, you can head to your personal cabins or our beautiful sprawling grounds!

4) Look for package options.

Trip packages will get you the most bang for your buck, especially when you’re planning for a large group. Shop around and see if venues offer corporate packages or, if not, if they have package options in general.

Look for deals that offer discounts on multiple nights, include some or all of your meals, and include onsite activities too. Not only will these bundles take your dollar the furthest, they’ll also take a lot off your plate as far as planning goes.

5) Plan a loose agenda.

Having an itinerary is crucial to keeping your retreat organized and ensuring your goals are accomplished (whether they’re fun goals, work goals, or a combination). Employees should be provided with the itinerary ahead of the trip. This way they will know what to expect and be able to pack accordingly.

As you’re creating your agenda, keep in mind that it’s important to also give your team some unstructured down time. The last thing you want is for them to get overwhelmed with work or even planned activities on a trip they’re supposed to be enjoying. Make sure they have the opportunity to enjoy themselves and build relationships with each other on their own terms.

Give your valued team members the experience of a lifetime and book your next corporate retreat at Lawrence Bay Lodge!

In our 50+ years of operation, we’ve hosted many different corporate groups who come back year after year to reconnect with each other and reward their hard work. With fully modern cabins, a main lodge for your business needs, unparalleled hospitality, and exciting guided fishing opportunities to wow your employees, your corporate retreat is guaranteed to be a hit.

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