Camping with Young Children

If you’ve had kids in the last couple of years, your life has recently changed drastically. You have different responsibilities and priorities now, but one thing that doesn’t have to change is your vacation schedule. Here are some great tips for camping and vacationing with young children, especially for first-time parents.

Be Prepared

The first step towards a stress-free vacation or camping trip with your young kids is to be prepared but not over prepared which often means you’re over packed. According to, it’s easy to get carried away and pack everything you’ve ever purchased for your baby for the trip. But do you really need to bring the changing table? Be smart, but don’t overthink things. You can get away with bringing a few of everything such as bibs and toys. For instance, you don’t need to bring two blankets for each day. Two things you should pack plenty of: diapers and clothes, trust us!

Be Creative

One of the trickiest things to figure out with infants and toddlers is sleeping arrangements. Be creative about where your kids will sleep: if you have an infant, swaddle that baby up and let him sleep in his car seat for the night in your room. If you have toddlers who need have proven to need bed rails, take the mattress off the bed and leave it on the floor, so if they fall they won’t have far to go.

Comfort Items reminds us to not forget the comfort items: if your baby has a blanket or stuffed animal that always calms him down, toss it in the bag. If it gets muddy during your trip, you can always wash it when you get home. Those little pieces of home will serve as a vital because they will be a strong reminder of home for children when traveling.

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