Five Great Excuses To Sneak A Fishing Trip To Reindeer Lake This Summer

With each passing summer, there are plenty of reasons not to go fishing. You’ve probably heard them all, whether from your spouse, employer, or even in the form of excuses you make to yourself. What you need this summer is a great excuse to counter the others. Here are five great “angles” that, if you play your cards right, could help you get on your way to Lawrence Bay Lodge for a fishing trip this summer.

Greater Health Through Less Stress

All the adult responsibilities you deal with back at home might seem like reasons to stay there. In actuality, the stress of everyday life is the best reason to take a break from it every once in a while. Getting out into nature and relaxing for a few days every now and then can be beneficial to your health. Once your trip is over, you’ll be ready to return to the grind more productive, relaxed, and healthier than before.

Building A Connection With Nature

With all the time we spend staring into a television or smartphone screen, it’s pretty easy to lose track of what we’re actually living for. As high-tech as our lives might become, every person should maintain a relationship with nature. It’s an essential part of being human, and without it, we’d probably all go a little insane. At Lawrence Bay Lodge, you’ll experience nature like never before.

Bonding With Family

If you can’t manage to sneak out of the house for a fishing trip with your friends, it’s a perfect opportunity to take the family along instead. Fishing is a great way to reconnect and build a positive meaningful relationship with the people you love and cherish. Nothing is more magical than the timeless activity of teaching a child how to catch his or her first fish.

Valuable Personal Growth

Aside from connecting with others, outdoor activities like fishing are the absolute best ways to reinforce the all-important values of self-sufficiency and resourcefulness. With every fishing trip, you’ll return home with a stronger grasp of the skills you need to get through a long and productive life.

You Deserve It

When all else fails, resort to the simple fact that you work so hard on every other day of your life, and that you deserve this fishing trip. Seriously, go ahead and be selfish every once in a while. Take a fishing trip this summer. In fact, take two! Call Lawrence Bay Lodge to begin making arrangements for the highlight of your summer.