Fly Fishing Increasing in Popularity in Canada

Fly-fishing continues to grow in popularity after several studies highlighted the outstanding benefits of fly-fishing. New anglers join our cause weekly, and to you newcomers we say- “Welcome! Here are a few tips for getting started”.

First, you must know- it is not the fish you are after.

Fishing is much more than fish. It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers. “ -Herbert Hoover

The most important thing is to save yourself money by doing your research. Do not purchase gear freely, simply because it looks “cool”. Check out articles on & for beginner tips. When you know what to look for you’ll save time and money- both of which you’d love to spend fly-fishing!

So, for the first set of gear you’ll want to visit a shop or find an experienced angler to help you. You’ll want someone who can answer any and all of your questions, ultimately finding the right gear for you. Decide on your rod and reel, after researching which is best for you. Pike are an intriguing and strong breed of fish, and make for a great catch. Most anglers suggest an 8-10 weight rod for catching Northern Pink. Should you decide on a rod and reel combination set, purchase 10 lb. line on the side. Sometimes the lines in combination sets are not strong enough for larger fish.