Go Outdoors This Winter Without Being Cold

If you’re outdoorsy by nature, but can’t stand the cold weather, then winter months and unpredictable chilly days may leave you feeling stuck inside a stuffy house!

Here are five ways you can stay warm and toasty this winter while you enjoy the great outdoors:


Our first tip is a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how few people remember to layer before they leave the house. Adding a sweater or a vest underneath your coat will keep you much warmer than just your coat alone. Gizmodo says that layers work like insulation, and each layer of insulation you add will trap more and more body heat to keep you warm and toasty. So, try not to skimp on your layers.

Hands & Ears

Your hands and face are the most-often neglected areas of your body when it’s cold outside, and if you plan on spending the day hiking, you need to take the steps to protect them. Exposed skin is at risk for wind burn and dryness due to the cold weather which can lead to cracked, dry, itchy skin. Don’t forget gloves, or mittens, and make sure your hat comfortably covers your ears. If you’re tugging it down every five minutes, opt for earmuffs instead.


Keep your feet warm and toasty with a thick wool sock, or a couple pairs of thinner ones. Your feet are doing a lot of the work when you’re outdoors in the winter, and if they’re cold to the point of numbness, you could be risking injury by not protecting them. Not to mention, your toes will be freezing cold!

Also, if you can, invest in a good pair of waterproof boots, with an extra layer or two of insulation. If you’ll be trampling through knee-high snow, you’ll need knee-high boots to keep everything warm and dry.

Keep Moving

Another way to stay warm in the cold outdoors is to keep moving. Movement will cause increased blood flow to your limbs, which will keep warmth moving throughout your body. If you start feeling chilly, a jumping jack or two will warm you up!

Pocket Warmers

Stick a pair of pocket warmers in your boots, the pocket of your jeans, and bring a few extra for when the warmers cool off! If you have warm, toasty pockets and boots, you’ll surely be able to enjoy the outdoors without being frozen.

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