Category: Winter Weather

Walleye Ice Fishing Tips

Since it’s still chilly and many lakes are frozen, you might be thinking about fishing for some walleye! Whether you’re an experienced ice fisherman or a newbie, it helps to know a few handy tips for reeling in those walleye this season. Timing is everything Low light hours, i.e. sunrise and sunset, are prime time… Read more »

Go Outdoors This Winter Without Being Cold

If you’re outdoorsy by nature, but can’t stand the cold weather, then winter months and unpredictable chilly days may leave you feeling stuck inside a stuffy house! Here are five ways you can stay warm and toasty this winter while you enjoy the great outdoors: Layers Our first tip is a no-brainer, but it’s surprising… Read more »

Getting Outside In the Winter Months

We all suffer from cabin fever in winter months. After the holiday season, the extreme cold temperatures, the piles of snow, and poor driving conditions can make for a rough few months. However, you can still enjoy the outdoors in winter months with a little bit of creativity. Dress Appropriately To get outside in the… Read more »