Getting Outside In the Winter Months

We all suffer from cabin fever in winter months. After the holiday season, the extreme cold temperatures, the piles of snow, and poor driving conditions can make for a rough few months. However, you can still enjoy the outdoors in winter months with a little bit of creativity.

Dress Appropriately

To get outside in the winter, you first must consider your attire and make sure it is safe for winter conditions. Make sure to wear warm clothing when you’re planning to spend an extended amount of time outside in winter months. For children that plan on playing in the snow, heavy jackets and snow pants are a must along with hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, etc.

Watch the Weather

Before heading outside in winter months, make sure you are watching the forecast to know the best day to get outside. You want to find a day that does not have an extremely high wind chill, a storm warning, or below freezing temperatures. Focus on finding a day that has a little bit of sunshine possible and a temperature above freezing with no chance of precipitation.

Find Appropriate Activities

Try to focus on finding winter related recreational activity such as sledding, tubing, ice-skating or skiing. If you live in an area with hiking or walking trails, conquer those trails in winter months. You’ll be surprised with the beauty you encounter that you don’t notice during other seasons.

Let Children Be Little

For little ones, staying inside all winter long can feel impossible. It is important to let children play outside whenever the weather is cooperative. Children need to get outside, get fresh air, and burn some of the energy that they never seem to run out of. Make colored ice cubes with water and food coloring for cheap, and let children build miniature ice forts in the snow. Most children will also be perfectly OK with simply getting a chance to run around outside.

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