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Getting Outside In the Winter Months

We all suffer from cabin fever in winter months. After the holiday season, the extreme cold temperatures, the piles of snow, and poor driving conditions can make for a rough few months. However, you can still enjoy the outdoors in winter months with a little bit of creativity. Dress Appropriately To get outside in the… Read more »

How to Survive Winter Elements

If you are someone that typically goes camping in winter months, you might be familiar with how to survive extreme winter conditions. If you do not typically venture outdoors in winter months, you’re probably unaware of how to survive if you were stranded outside, as many people are. Here are some helpful hints on how… Read more »

Head Outdoors for Winter Benefits

As the weather continues to grow colder here in the Saskatchewan, we at Lawrence Bay Lodge are reminded of all the great benefits of spending time in the outdoors – even in the winter. Whether at work or home, most people spend almost all of their time inside, especially when the temperatures drop. Not only… Read more »