Head Outdoors for Winter Benefits

As the weather continues to grow colder here in the Saskatchewan, we at Lawrence Bay Lodge are reminded of all the great benefits of spending time in the outdoors – even in the winter. Whether at work or home, most people spend almost all of their time inside, especially when the temperatures drop. Not only can this cause you to miss all the beauty of nature during the winter, but it can also have negative effects on your health. There are so many great reasons to get outside year-round, whether you favorite hobby is fishing, hunting or any other outdoor activity. Here are just a few:

Burn Fat

Whether you decide to take a walk through the woods or a run around the lake, there are some great benefits to exercising outdoors during the winter months. One of the most exciting to hear during the holiday season: The colder the weather, the more energy our bodies need to keep warm. So as long as you dress appropriately for the weather conditions, there is no better way to burn fat than outside during the winter months!

Fight Depression

Winter-onset seasonal affective disorder is a common form of depression that affects ten to 20 percent of adults. Although symptoms include anxiety and a decrease in energy, one of the best ways to combat this disorder is to spend time outdoors. Sunlight is the best way to combat seasonal depression, so bundle up and head outside to enjoy all the benefits that nature has to offer.

Enjoy Nature’s Beauty

If you need another reason to get outside this winter, just take a peek out your window. Winter is absolutely beautiful! From the snow covered trees to the crisp, snow covered ground, there is so much to love about this season. Even though the temperatures have dropped, there is still plenty to do outdoors during the winter months and we encourage you to enjoy every minute of the chilly season.

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