Walleye Ice Fishing Tips

Since it’s still chilly and many lakes are frozen, you might be thinking about fishing for some walleye! Whether you’re an experienced ice fisherman or a newbie, it helps to know a few handy tips for reeling in those walleye this season.

Timing is everything

Low light hours, i.e. sunrise and sunset, are prime time for catching walleye. These are the hours that walleye look for their next meal, so you can stake out a good spot and let them come to you.

Use the right tools

Electronics, whether you bring them yourself or rent them, can make all of the difference when ice fishing for walleye. Electronic sonar units are easy and fun to use, and they allow you to see the position of your lure in the water column, and see how the fish are taking to it.

If at first you don’t succeed… try something different

What worked yesterday might not work today, and walleye may respond differently to different motions or a variety of lures. Try a jigging Rapala, a lipless crankbait or a jigging spoon at different times and on different days to see how fish react.

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