How to Store Fishing Equipment

Love to fish? It might be hard to put your fishing equipment away for the winter, but proper storage can ensure that you’ll be reeling in trophy fish once the weather warms up. Each part of your fishing gear has specific storage requirements:


It’s essential to lubricate all moving parts, such as the reel handles and reel seat hardware, before you store your reels for the winter, so they don’t freeze and corrode. You should already be cleaning your reels after each use, and for winter storage, grease and oil them as well. Some fishing stores sell specialized lubricants, but regular oil should work fine, too.


Rods should be thoroughly cleaned, and stored vertically to avoid setting or bending. Make sure they’re stored in a room that isn’t too hot – heat can weaken the fiberglass or graphite.


Expert fishermen know that properly cleaning and storing waders preserves the synthetic or rubber material. Make sure your waders are completely dry, and then stuff them with newspaper to retain their shape. Roll (never fold) them, and store them away from sunlight, wrapping them in black garbage bags to block out the light.

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