Interesting Facts About Northern Pike

Are you joining us soon for a fishing trip of a lifetime? We will give you a good idea of what to expect when fishing in Reindeer Lake by telling you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Northern Pike.

Northern Pike play an important role as predator fish in many bodies of water. They are large eaters and tend to snap at bait quite readily, making them a favorite among fishermen.

Check out some of these interesting facts about Northern Pike and tell us what you think in the comments section at the bottom:

  • Northern Pike have snouts filled with long sharp teeth, which can tear up bait and lures.
  • With their intense teeth, they will eat anything such as perch, sunfish, worms, and lures!
  • Pike can be absolutely still for a very long time and will use their big bright yellow eyes to constantly watch food.
  • Northerns have scales on their skin that many fishermen carefully remove before eating.
  • Some Northern Pike are Olympic swimmers and can swim up to 10 miles per hour.
  • Pike like the weeds or covered areas the best and they come out of nowhere after being excellent camouflage.
  • These crazy fish put up a good fight and can take a while to land, which is why they are a very popular game fish among anglers.

Are you itching to get on the water and reel in some Northern Pike? They might put up a fight but we have confidence in you! Lawrence Bay Lodge is located on Reindeer Lake in Saskatchewan. Reindeer Lake is considered one of the top lakes inhabiting Northern Pike in the world so if you and your friends and family are looking for a fun and thrilling fishing adventure look no further. Please contact us today at 701-262-4560 to plan your visit; we are looking forward to fishing with you and hearing about your fishing experience!