Must-Have Camping Gear for 2017

If you’re planning your 2017 camping trip, there are plenty of incredible camping gadgets out there that can ensure that your trip is a success. From suspending tents to collapsible dishes, there are plenty of camping gadgets that can make the great outdoors more comfortable.

Update Your Tent of Choice

The Camper” from TreePod is a suspended camping tent that is large enough for two adults and can hold up to 500 pounds of weight. The tent suspends from strong anchor points, and needs just one sturdy branch in order to do so. The suspended tent allows campers to sleep suspended in the air away from insects, pooling water, animals, and rocks. The tent has a door for each person inside of the tent and has a mesh divider as well if you want to separate the space.

Sleep on a Soft Surface

If you are doing a long-term hiking trip, one of the most difficult parts of the trip can be falling asleep on all kinds of different, and uncomfortable, surfaces. Even if you’ve had an exhausting day, sleeping on the ground is rarely appealing and rarely easy. With tree roots and scattered rocks poking you from underneath, it can be hard to get comfortable. The “Therm-a-Rest ProLite Sleeping Pad” is a small and compact sleeping pad that weighs about a pound and can be easily put into a backpack.

Focus on Your Fire

Having a way to start a fire is vital when you are on a camping trip. The “Zippo Emergency Fire Starter” is a great thing to have in the event that an emergency occurs.  Whether your matches end up getting soaked in your backpack or you can’t seem to find the lighter you thought you had a few miles back, this gadget will step in and save the day. The starter comes with multiple water-resistant waxed tinder sticks and a flint wheel that will help you ignite a fire whenever you need them.

Manage Meal Time

Whether you are wandering aimlessly around scenic trails or relaxing with the family around the campfire, you’re going to need to eat. Packing dishes on a camping trip can be a difficult task. They typically take up a lot of room and they are often heavy.  The “Sea to Summit X-Bowl” is a collapsible bowl made of flexible silicon that can hold hot or cold foods and, you guessed it, can fold itself into a flat surface. The bottom of the bowl can be used as a cutting board and it weighs less than three ounces. Whether you’re snacking on pretzels or you’re pouring yourself a bowl of chili, this is the perfect bowl to have with you.

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