Prepare for Spring Camping

Spring is upon us which means it’s time to plan the first camping trip of the season!

Whether you are a casual or a committed camper, you’ve probably heard “it is important to be prepared” at some point. Although spring brings warmer temperatures and better weather, you still need to be prepared for the outdoors.

We have compiled a few tips for your upcoming spring camping trip to ensure you have a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

You should start the season by checking out all of your gear. Fix any tears and patch holes, and if anything needs to be replaced, take care of it before the first trip of the season. You don’t want to remember that your tent has a hole in its roof when you’re already at the campsite—best to get it taken care of beforehand.

Since the weather has only just started to turn mild, it’s important to be prepared on your trip for bouts of cold or uncooperative weather. Preparing for rain can make the difference between a good camping trip and an awful one. Make sure to pack tarps, and if your tent is not waterproof, have a backup plan (although, we recommend a waterproof tent for frequent campers!)

And, even if the forecast looks warm, temperatures at night will still fall significantly. Make sure to have warm enough sleeping bags or blankets so that you can stay toasty in your tent.

Once your gear is prepped, and you make sure to pack a few extra rain tarps and blankets, you’re good to go!

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