Reasons to Adventure Travel

When is the last time you purposely got dirty, as in dug your hands into the dirt? When’s the last time you took a hike in the woods without a map? Too many of us are cooped up in windowless offices all day, staring at computer screens, wasting our bodies and minds on busy work. We’re missing out on adventures that can make us feel more fully alive!

Lawrence Bay Lodge is the place that can serve as your temporary home base for a true adventure in the Canadian wilderness. You don’t just drive there– you fly there, using a seaplane. Now that’s a unique adventure in itself, right?

Once at Lawrence Bay Lodge, you’ll meet fishing guides who know the area’s waters well and can help you catch Northern Pike or Lake Trout. At night, you’ll rest in your own fully modern log cabin, and by day, you’ll explore the wilderness around you at Reindeer Lake.

Nature becomes your playground. You’re free to get dirty, as in dig your hands in the dirt and not care. You’re free to inhale the crisp, cool air. Go on– take deep breaths. This is your time to try on a different persona– you’re no longer a middle manager– you’re a hunter, angler, hiker, wild man or woman!

Adventure travel forces you to get out of your comfort zone. It helps you become reflective of who you are, where you fit in the world, and what makes life worth living. Time at Lawrence Bay Lodge is time to dream dreams, build your confidence doing things you don’t normally do, and, best of all, a chance to tap into your inner child who wants to explore, discover, learn, leap and wander. What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits at Lawrence Bay Lodge. Book your trip today.