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Advantages of Log Structures

When you see a log structure constructed within the woods, whether it is a cabin, a house, or a recreational building, you likely assume it built from wood so it can blend in easily with surroundings. However, log structures such as lodges, cabins, and homes actually offer several benefits. They Last Long-Term Although many people… Read more »

Beginners Guide to Hunting Wild Turkey

With Thanksgiving slowly approaching, many hunters are seeking out wild turkeys. Turkeys have been hunted for thousands of years and they aren’t an easy catch. If you are a new hunter that is lucky enough to catch a turkey this season, it’s important to know how to clean and cook the turkey properly. Although many… Read more »

Advice for New Hunters

Hunting is not a simple sport. You cannot wander into the wilderness and hope for the best. Hunting takes skills, strategy, knowledge, confidence, equipment, and the list goes on. For people that are new to hunting, there are important things to remember, understand, and practice. Buy the Right Equipment Hunting requires a decent amount of… Read more »