The Best Species to Fish in the Fall

A lot of people make the mistake of packing away their fishing gear when the end of summer hits, thinking their next best chance to fish won’t be until the spring. What they don’t know though, is that the fall months offer some of the best opportunities for successful fishing—if you know what to look for!

Grab your reel and your favorite hoodie, and head out on a gorgeous fishing trip to try to catch some of these ideal fall species!

Fishing Trips in Saskatchewan

Largemouth Bass

These striped swimmers make for an easy fall catch as they move from their usual deep spots into shallow water to feed. Baitfish flock to open surface water as fall sets in and the largemouths will follow. Use reaction type baits to attract large bass in these waters and trigger a feeding binge.

Northern Pike

One of our favorites here in Saskatchewan, the Northern Pike are another good species to try to bait in the Autumn weather! These guys tend to roam more in lower temperatures than they do in summer, making them more readily accessible. During this season, pike can sometimes be found closer to the surface in search of food or a little deeper looking for aquatic vegetation under which they can take cover. Be sure to come prepared for either, with both topwater bait and diving lures.


Walleye are actually known to be easier to fish in the fall! Like the largemouth bass, walleye prey on the schools of baitfish that spend these months in shallow waters looking for warm water and vegetation cover. This species also becomes more active, trying to feed more during the day and bulk up for winter. Target areas with big structure, as well as shoreline weed beds where baitfish gather for your best chance at catching a walleye.


These delicious freshwater gamefish follow the crowd to the surface as temperatures drop as well, in search of small baitfish to fill their bellies. Perch tend to be attracted to muddy spots, so focus on these areas and try out a couple of small minnow baits to grab their attention.

It just so happens that Lawrence Bay Lodge offers premier fishing opportunities for many species ideal for a fall trip! Experience the magic of fall on Reindeer Lake and try your hand during one of our guided trips at reeling in lake trout, walleye, northern pike, and more. Contact us today to learn more about some of the other awesome fall activities we offer or to book your own fishing trip today!