The Best Tips for Fishing in the Rain

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When a newbie fisherman wakes up the morning of their trip and sees that it’s raining, they’ll probably sigh in disappointment and postpone their excursion. An experienced angler, on the other hand, will recognize an exciting opportunity for a better haul.

Unlike many outdoor activities, rain doesn’t have to put a damper on your fishing plans. If you know how to adapt your approach, you’ll actually find that a light to moderate rain can turn fishing conditions in your favor. Follow these tips on your next rainy-day fishing trip and we guarantee it won’t be a washout!

Grab your rain gear.

First things first—you’ll enjoy yourself a lot more and be able to focus better on reeling in your catch if you’re warm and (mostly) dry. Invest in some high-quality rain gear that will protect you for several hours of rainy fishing conditions. A good jacket, pair of rain pants, and waterproof boots are a must for every angler.

Use topwater lures.

When the clouds roll in and the rain starts to fall, fish flock to the surface for a feeding frenzy. The best way to grab their attention is with lures or bait that sit atop the water. Choose colorful lures that splash around and make noise, as this will increase the likelihood of the fish spotting them in the murkier rainwaters.

Focus on runoff areas.

The outflow of water that results from rainwater buildup on the shore and high tides brings with it a lot of baitfish-attracting nutrients. This movement of baitfish will, of course, attract larger feeding fish to the same spots. That’s why, when fishing in the rain, your best bet is to look for drains, inlets, and other spillways. Just keep in mind it’s better to hit these areas right before or shortly after the rain has started, because after a while the build up of sediment will impair your visibility (and the fishes’).

Don’t be afraid to get a little closer.

As we just mentioned, fish won’t be able to see as well in rainy waters with a constant influx of sediment. You can use this to your advantage in that you’re able to get closer to the fish without scaring them off. Closing a little of this distance will make your casting more precise and lessen the splash of your lure.

When you book a fishing adventure at Lawrence Bay Lodge, our guides will be there to help you reel in a catch rain or shine! As long as the conditions are safe, we’ll make sure a little rain won’t stop you from catching that trophy northern pike or Arctic grayling you’ve been dreaming about all year.

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