The Health Benefits of Moose Meat

The Health Benefits of Moose Meat

Did you know that moose meat is quite popular and part of many people’s diets?  It’s not uncommon to spot a moose when staying at Lawrence Bay Lodge amidst the wilderness of a fairly remote area in Canada.  Fishermen and hunters love spending time at Lawrence Bay Lodge where there are plenty of fish and wild game nearby.

While most people are used to eating chicken, beef or pork, moose meat is a nice alternative that has several health benefits. It can be roasted, ground up, or cooked in a crock pot, and is especially known for being high in protein.

With 102 calories per 100 grams, moose meat delivers 22 grams of protein. Meanwhile, it has no carbohydrates. Additionally, it gives your body niacin and riboflavin, helping it make red blood cells as well as metabolize foods.

Moose meat is extremely low in saturated fat, with less than 0.5 grams per 100-gram serving. Because of this, moose is better than steak, especially for people who worry about their cholesterol. A typical serving of moose meat contains 59mg of cholesterol, and adults, in general, shouldn’t have more than 300mg of cholesterol per day, so a couple of moose meat servings a day is a good thing. Meanwhile, moose meat is rich in minerals, including selenium, iron and zinc.

Did you know that the moose hunting area near Lawrence Bay Lodge in Saskatchewan has been remarkable for the past couple years? In fact, Lawrence Bay Lodge has had a 90% success rate in hunting moose!

Maybe it’s time you made a trip to Lawrence Bay Lodge…to try some moose meat for yourself.


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