The Health Benefits of Moose Meat

Most people are familiar with the health benefits that come along with eating staples like beef, chicken, and pork. But did you know that there are tons of health benefits of eating moose meat, too? While it might not be as readily available at the supermarket, you should strongly consider adding more moose meat to your diet to enjoy the benefits of eating it.

Here are just a few moose benefits:

Moose meat is packed with protein

Moose meat only has about 100 calories in a 100-gram serving. But there is more than enough protein jam-packed into that serving. You’ll get about 22 grams of protein along with a bunch of essential amino acids that your body needs. At the same time, you won’t get any carbohydrates since moose meat is completely carb-free.

It doesn’t have much fat in it at all

In addition to being carb-free, moose meat is also almost completely fat-free. It contains just 1 gram of fat per serving, including less than half a gram of saturated fat. Saturated fat is the kind of fat that’s bad for you because it raises your LDL cholesterol levels. The lack of saturated fat makes moose meat a much better option for you than steaks and other fattier types of meat.

It’s very low in sodium and very high in potassium

Do you want to keep your blood pressure at a healthy level and reduce your risks of suffering from heart and kidney disease? Eat more moose meat! It’s very low in sodium with only about 65 milligrams of it per serving. It’s also very high in potassium with more than 300 milligrams of it per serving. The combination of these two things will be great for your blood pressure and will cut your chances of sustaining a heart attack, a stroke, or another life-changing event.

It has tons of vitamins and minerals

There are almost too many vitamins and minerals in moose meat to count. In a single serving, you will find 5 milligrams of niacin, 0.3 milligrams of riboflavin, 9 milligrams of selenium, 3 milligrams of iron, and 2.8 milligrams of zinc. By taking in all of these vitamins and minerals, you can improve everything from your body’s ability to metabolize food to your immune system as a whole. It makes eating more moose meat a no-brainer.

Although you won’t always find moose meat in the supermarket next to the beef, chicken, and pork, you can get your hands on it on your own by going moose hunting. Lawrence Bay Lodge offers guided moose hunts in the Saskatchewan area for those who want to give moose hunting a try. Call us at 701-262-4560 today to make a reservation.