What Makes Fall a Great Season for Fishing

Anglers who are newer, inexperienced, or venture out casually tend to pack up their rods and reels when the fall season comes around. As the temperatures chill and the wind picks up, especially here in Canada, you might assume that fishing season is winding down too; but this doesn’t have to be the case! In fact, many consider fall days some of the best of the year for fishing.

Let’s talk about what the autumn season has to offer for northern anglers!

Fewer Competing Fishermen

Many anglers shift gears when the leaves start to fall and spend their days in the hunting field. This leaves fewer fishermen out on the water and more fish available for you to catch. Plus, the increased solitude makes for a much more tranquil fishing experience.

More Active Fish

People often mistakenly assume that as the weather cools, fish will dive deeper into the water. While this is true of many species in winter weather, when the top of the water freezes, cooler fall temperatures actually send fish closer to the shoreline in a feeding frenzy. Game fish especially will tread closer to the surface in search of bait fish to help them put on weight for the winter. Not to mention, the mid-range temperatures and lower humidity makes more comfortable fishing weather for you.

Beautiful Scenery

If you’re looking for some truly breathtaking scenery, nothing beats Canada’s fall color palette. Autumn’s changing leaves and crisp blue skies add another element of beauty and wonder to your time out on the water. Take advantage of these gorgeous views as you wait for a catch or as the perfect backdrop for your trophy fish photo.

When it comes to fall fishing in Saskatchewan, it doesn’t get much better than Lawrence Bay Lodge. Our Reindeer Lake waters are already populated with trophy-size pike, trout, and other popular species, so the fall season just makes your chances of reeling one in even higher. If you don’t want to miss out on hunting season either, book a guided moose hunt during your stay with us too.

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