Why You Should Have Your Bachelor Party on the Water

Are you or your friend getting married? First off, congrats! Before the big day, you must celebrate one last time and what better way to celebrate than a fishing trip for the bachelor party? Here at Lawrence Bay Lodge, we think a fishing trip for your upcoming bachelor party is a great idea, especially during the warm summer months.

Go against the norm

When you think of a typical bachelor party, you probably think of excessive drinking and smoking, inappropriately dressed women, and a lot of money wasted down the drain. Instead, why not invest in a different kind of action? Yes, gambling may be great, but your chances of catching a big fish are much greater than beating the house of Black Jack. According to The Knot, the trend lately is toward old-fashioned gayness – such as a weekend spent bonding outdoors.

Also, to state the obvious; you’re going to get in less trouble on a fishing trip as opposed to other bachelor options. Instead of risking it all and hoping for the best, why not play it safe by casting one line at a time and eventually winning big and showing off in front of your friends? Just think of the sense of accomplishment you will feel after reeling in a big Northern Pike, Lake Trout or Walleye.

Relive your time easier

Every man needs a good fishing story to tell the kids and eventually grandkids, here is your chance to make it happen. Just think, the water is much quieter than a club and makes reliving stories with your buddies a little easier. After all, a bachelor party is all about creating fun memories and being able to remember them fully so you can reminisce in years to come is a very important.

Haven’t you done the other bachelor party “stuff” already? Now is your chance to think out of the box and make some memories of a lifetime on the water before the big day. Is there anything better than being on a boat and fishing with your buddies? Plus, if you go during the summer months you might get a great tan!

Excited to form some great memories with your buddies on Reindeer Lake? Book your summer stay with Lawrence Bay Lodge at 701-262-4560. We look forward to seeing you and helping you celebrate the last hurrah before you or your friend says “I do!”