3 Advantages to Catch and Release Fishing

Fishing is a fun and exciting sport, but it can also be very challenging. For this reason, many people want to commemorate finally reeling in a big trophy catch by cooking it up for dinner or mounting it on the wall—and we totally get it! But before you get out the frying pan or head to the taxidermist, you might want to think about some of the benefits of catch and release fishing.

Catch and release fishing is a sustainable form of recreational fishing that makes the experience less harmful to the fish and the environment, but still gives you the thrill and satisfaction of conquering some big game. Take a minute to read about some of the greatest advantages to this fishing technique that’ll have you rethinking the best way to celebrate your victory!

1.) The fish will grow in size and population.

The best part of heading out on a fishing trip, by yourself or with your family, is trying to see how much you can reel in—and how big of a catch you can handle! It’s disappointing when you’re out on the water and find yourself sitting there waiting for something to bite. It’s even more disheartening when you finally feel a pull and end up with a tiny fish.

Catch and release fishing gives fish the chance to grow over more time and reproduce. This will leave you with more, and bigger, fish to catch each year. Some people even end up catching the same trophy fish two years in a row and can see for themselves how much its grown! Catch and release also gives fish the chance to reproduce, resulting in a larger population to fish from for anglers and maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

2.) There’s more opportunity for other fishermen.

Most fisheries impose a limit on the number of large trophy fish that can be caught and harvested—but the numbers still add up. If every fisherman is removing the legal limit of fish each year, the waterways can be left pretty scarce.

Releasing large trophy fish keeps the fishing community full and lively by giving every angler the chance to reel in large game. Catch and release fishing improves the quality of the fishing opportunities available to everyone each year, allowing everyone to have a satisfying and valuable experience.

3.) Younger fish are healthier to eat.

Catch and release fishing is healthier not just for the fish population and environment, but for you too! Older fish have more time to absorb toxins and pollutants that might be in the water—including chemicals such as mercury and PCBs—making them less healthy for us to consume.

In fact, many fisheries don’t recommend eating larger game fish at all so as not to expose yourself to any contamination. Gamefish on the lower end of the scale, like small bass and panfish, are more ideal for your diet.

At Lawrence Bay Lodge we practice catch and release fishing because we want to ensure there will always be large trophy fish swimming around for you to catch on your next vacation. We offer great photo ops and even plastic fish replicas to bring home as a fun memento to celebrate your successful trip!

Book a trip with us today to see for yourself the amazing fishing opportunities our catch and release program allows us to provide for our guests!