6 Important Life Lessons Fishing Can Teach Your Children

One of the greatest things about fishing is that it is a hobby you can enjoy at any age. No matter how old or young you are, you can still learn to bait a hook, cast a line, and get that feeling of satisfaction when your finally reel in a fish. Perhaps even more importantly, fishing also provides an opportunity for families to spend some quality time together out in nature while learning some important lessons.

Teaching your children to fish will not only give them a hobby that they can share with their own kids someday, but it will help them to learn many valuable lessons about life in general. Let’s take a look at what kids (and parents) can take away from this wonderful activity!

1) Patience & Perseverance

With today’s smartphones and high-speed internet everywhere, everything seems instant these days. When they have such quick and easy access to the things they want, it can be hard for children to master the skill of patience. Waiting on the water for a bite, sometimes for hours, is an opportunity for kids to learn that being patient and not quitting is the key to success. It may take some time, or a couple of trips out, but eventually their patience and perseverance will be rewarded, just as in life.

2) Loss

Going hand-in-hand with patience is also the concept of loss. You won’t always walk away with a tangible reward in fishing, no matter how patient you are. Whether it’s practicing catch and release or simply not having any luck in the water, kids will have to learn how to walk away empty-handed. This experience will help teach them how to accept loss and move forward to keep trying.

3) Problem Solving

Another key to success in life is the ability to anticipate and solve problems, and fishing can help teach just that. Fishing can present a variety of challenges that compel children to adapt. Factors like weather, time of day, type of lure, bait choice, etc. can all contribute to why fish are or are not biting. If the water seems dead, it can be an opportunity to analyze these components with your children and help them come up with alternative solutions. Learning this problem-solving process will no doubt come in handy in all aspects of life.

4) Friendly Competition

In fishing, you’re often competing with others and/or yourself. When on a family fishing trip, turning your expedition into a competition can be fun! Who can get the first catch? The biggest catch? The most fish? Adding a little rivalry is a good way to foster competitiveness and ambition in your children. It will also teach them how to be a good sport (and the importance of being one), win or lose.

5) Awareness of Surroundings

To be a successful angler, you must be able to tune into what is around you. You need to be able to observe patterns, such as where fish are biting and what they’re going after. For children, this will teach them how to pay attention to their surroundings and follow their observations and instincts. They’ll also have to learn to be aware of people and the environment around them, and how to respect both.

6) Being Present

One of best gifts and life skills you can give your children is the ability to be present in the moment and enjoy what is going on here and now. Out enjoying nature is one of the best places to do that! There are so many beautiful and interesting sights and sounds to take in while fishing, it’s easier to get out of your head and just relax. Learning how to focus on the present can help prevent kids from over-worrying about the future or dwelling on the past, two things that hold plenty of adults back in life.

Here at Lawrence Bay Lodge, we love nothing more than when families come to visit so parents can pass down their love of fishing to their children. Our modern log cabin accommodations have plenty of space and amenities to keep you and the kids relaxed and happy. Then, once you’ve eaten a hearty breakfast at the main lodge, you can all head off on a guided fishing trip to learn the ins and outs of the sport, along with all of the valuable lessons that go along with it.

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