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Some More Northern Pike Catches at Lawrence Bay Lodge

Mark and Michelle Hornick visited Lawrence Bay Lodge from Toronto, ON for some northern pike fishing and they got what they came for! Check out the 45 inch pike they caught last month: That’s a beautiful catch there and Michelle is deservedly happy with it! But that’s not all, they also got a 46 incher,… Read more »

Cecily Cronin Catches a 14 Pound Lake Trout!

While most people come to Lawrence Bay Lodge for trophy northern pike fishing, you have to remember that a lot of other beautiful fish swim in the waters of Reindeer Lake. On such fish is the lake trout, which has really beautiful spotting and can get up to pretty significant weights, which you can see… Read more »

Some recent catches on Reindeer Lake!

In the next few posts, we’re going to feature some photos of catches from our guests at Lawrence Bay Lodge. The northern pike are biting like you wouldn’t believe and we have some proof! Check out the great catches from Dan Greene on July 23! First, we have his 41 inch northern pike, not the… Read more »