Three Moose Burger Recipes You’ll Forever Crave

If you’re into moose hunting, you probably know that Saskatchewan is the place to be. At Lawrence Bay Lodge, we can proudly say that in the past five years, we have had a 75% opportunity for hunters at a bull moose! If you’re wondering what to do with the moose you’ve bagged, why not make some tasty moose burgers?

Here are our favorite moose burger recipes to try after hunting down moose at Lawrence Bay Lodge:

This simple recipe relies on bacon to add the right amount of fat and flavor to balance the moose meat, which is on the lean side. Montreal steak seasoning is a delicious blend of black pepper, garlic and spices that’s perfect for grilled meats. Buy a premade mix or make your own.

For a moist moose burger, this recipe uses egg to bind the meat patty together and bacon fat for added flavor. Rich caramelized onions and aged cheddar top off this delicious post-hunting treat. Just make sure to make and cool the caramelized onion in advance to streamline the cooking process.

This recipe is from Chef Katie Hayes of the Bonavista Social Club in Newfoundland, where there’s one moose for every four people. Unsurprisingly, they eat a whole lot of moose meat there, and Chef Hayes knows her stuff. Fire up the grill and get ready for a fantastic meal!

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