Catch and Release Tips for Spring Fishing

As the ice melts and the spring waters start to move, the art of catch-and-release fishing becomes more popular among anglers. This technique isn’t just about enjoying the excitement of catching fish; it’s a promise to protect the environment and ensure the sustainability of our aquatic ecosystems for future generations. Here, we’ll dive into some essential catch and release tips tailored for the spring season, when many species are spawning and particularly vulnerable.

Gear Up Right

The right tools can make all the difference. Opt for barbless hooks, which cause less damage to the fish and are easier to remove. Consider using rubber-coated nets that are less abrasive on the fish’s protective slime coat, which is crucial for their health and well-being.

Gentle Handling

When you have successfully caught a fish during the spring season, it is crucial to handle it with utmost care. Before touching the fish:

  • Wet your hands to reduce the removal of the slime coat that covers its body.
  • Be gentle and swift when handling the fish, supporting its body to avoid potential injuries.
  • To keep it healthy and energetic, try to minimize the time the fish spends out of water, ideally less than ten seconds.

Revive Before Release

Before releasing a caught fish back into the water, it is important to ensure it is ready. Hold the fish in the water, gently moving it back and forth to facilitate water flow over its gills. Once you feel a strong kick from the fish, it is a good sign that it is ready to return to its natural habitat.

Mindful Release

When you’re ready to release your catch, select a calm and sheltered spot. Observe as the fish swims away, a small but significant gain for conservation-minded anglers. This conscious release helps ensure the fish’s survival and contributes to the population’s well-being.

Catch-and-release fishing is an excellent way to enjoy the sport while helping to maintain the fish population and allowing others the chance at a trophy catch! Our experienced guides at Lawrence Bay Lodge are trained in the best release methods and will handle all the fish for you if you decide to take a guided fishing trip on Reindeer Lake.  

Whether you have been fishing for decades or have never fished, Lawrence Bay Lodge is the perfect place for anglers of all experience levels.

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