Understanding Moose Behavior Helps Get the Perfect Shot

Saskatchewan is one of the continent’s top destinations for moose hunting. Here at the Lawrence Bay Lodge, our hunters have had an 80% opportunity at a Bull Moose. If you’re looking to bag your first (or your hundredth) moose on your next hunting trip, it pays to know a bit about moose behavior.

Here’s our handy guide to help you get that perfect shot the next time you’re moose hunting:

Understand how moose mating season works

Understanding moose mating behavior can help you learn to lure moose closer to you by manipulating their instincts. Outdoor Canada has a thorough guide to the various stages of the moose mating process. Familiarize yourself with it so you can make effective use of tools like lures and moose calls.

Learn about moose communication

Crashing and scraping antlers on the ground is a signal to mate. Whining sounds are meant to attract other moose and may even be a friendly greeting. Moose distress calls are loud and nasal.

Don’t get too close

Moose are responsible for more attacks on humans than wolves and bears combined, and they are extremely powerful. While they generally don’t attack humans unprovoked, there really is no safe way to get close to them. Make sure your hunting weapon has a good sight and be sure to keep your distance.

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