Practicing Proper Hunting Etiquette

Each hunter has his preferred prey, but one thing holds true for all hunters alike. Etiquette. Truly respectful hunters practice the proper etiquette when stalking and killing prey. Practicing appropriate behavior and protocol shows others that you are responsible, respectful, and a pleasure to hunt with. When you respect the prey and the property owners,… Read more »

History of Reindeer Lake

Some Reindeer Lake History The first thought when out on the on Lake Reindeer will most likely be, “Wow, this is what the great outdoors is really like.” Lake Reindeer is located on the border between Saskatchewan and Manitoba, far north close to the Northwest Territories. It’s the second biggest lake in Saskatchewan and the… Read more »

Fishing Adventures Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Well, a new year has started and the preparation for winter and spring fishing has begun. Now is the time to plan that fishing trip you’ve been waiting for. The holidays are over, hopefully the decorations are down, and now it is time to relax. Scientists are hard at work running studies and experiments to find the… Read more »

Celebrating Your Catch With Delicious Meals

Generally, anglers feel the fishing reward throughout the entire event. The preparation rewards you with excitement and hope; it rewards you when you spend hours attempting to hook a walleye or pike. The adventure rewards you when you feel tired after a struggle with a fish. The entire adventure is rewarding and complex, but the… Read more »

Fishing Northern Pike in Saskatchewan

Four Tips for Pike Fishing   Fishing for northern pike is an exhilarating and exciting event for anglers of all ages. This genera of fish is relatively easy to hook and difficult to catch, since they attract to most lures and their size is impressive. Luckily, for us, Lawrence Bay Lodge is home to many… Read more »

Utilize Youtube to Improve Moose Hunting Tactics

Many of us grew up with our fathers and grandfathers, hunting a variety of game and learning different tactics along the way. But a lot of people take up hunting on their own, without having had the help of a friend or family member to develop skills and techniques. Even for the very experienced hunters,… Read more »

Moose Archery – How should I set up My Bow?

You are probably in one of two situations if you’re reading this post: 1 – You’re an avid archer who usually hunts game like whitetail or mule deer. 2 – You’re an avid rifleman or outdoors-man who is trying his hand at moose archery. In either case, here’s some advice on setting up your bow… Read more »

How to Develop Moose Hunting Patience

Like every sort of hunting, moose hunting requires patience. But patience is probably the hardest part of trying anything new and exciting, so how do you develop it? Some people are just born with patience, and that’s pretty nice for them. But for those of us who don’t have the gift outright, it just takes… Read more »

Things to Know About the Lake Trout Spawn

While most individuals come to Lawrence Bay for northern pike fishing, many people love fishing for lake trout. These beautiful trout, which are technically char, can weigh up to 45 pounds. So, here are some things to know about the lake trout spawn:   1 – Fall is Spawning Season – While most people know… Read more »

3 Tips for the New Moose Hunter

Moose season is almost underfoot, and everyone from newbies to veterans will seek to get a nice trophy this year. So, here are some simple tips to keep in mind as you go out moose hunting this season: 1 – For Bigger Trophies, Go North – For whatever reason, common wisdom says that you’ll have… Read more »

4 Things that You can do to Ward off Invasive Species

We can all agree that Saskatchewan and Reindeer Lake are great for fishing. Part of the reason for this is that the ecosystems in this part of Canada have maintained sustainability throughout the years of human habitation. Furthermore, human activity has not lead to the introduction of many invasive species in our part of Canada…. Read more »

Some More Northern Pike Catches at Lawrence Bay Lodge

Mark and Michelle Hornick visited Lawrence Bay Lodge from Toronto, ON for some northern pike fishing and they got what they came for! Check out the 45 inch pike they caught last month: That’s a beautiful catch there and Michelle is deservedly happy with it! But that’s not all, they also got a 46 incher,… Read more »