Live Bait Vs. Artificial Bait: Which Is Best?

The debate between live bait and artificial lures has been ongoing as long as anglers have cast lines. Both have their own advantages, and what works best often depends on various factors, including the type of fish you’re after, the conditions, and personal preference. Let’s dive into the merits of each to help you decide… Read more »

The Health Benefits of Moose Meat

Most people know the health benefits of eating staples like beef, chicken, and pork. But did you know that eating moose meat has many health benefits, too? For centuries, indigenous and local communities have revered moose meat for its vital sustenance, recognizing it as a key element in a balanced, nutritious diet. For the modern,… Read more »

Exploring the Wildlife and Scenery Surrounding Reindeer Lake

Situated in the heart of Saskatchewan, Reindeer Lake is a breathtaking natural wonder that offers an ideal combination of diverse wildlife and captivating scenery. This pristine sanctuary attracts nature enthusiasts, photographers, and adventurers from all over who are eager to explore its beauty. The Majestic Wildlife of Reindeer Lake Aquatic Life: Beneath the shimmering surface… Read more »

Fall Fishing Tips

Autumn is an amazing season for fishing in Saskatchewan, particularly in the pristine waters of Reindeer Lake. The lake is home to various types of fish, such as Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout, and Arctic Grayling. As the seasons change, different behaviours and patterns of fish emerge, and adapting your tactics can make a significant… Read more »

Advice for New Moose Hunters

There’s no better place to hunt moose in Saskatchewan than Lawrence Bay Lodge. Moose hunting is a fulfilling outdoor activity that presents a challenge and an opportunity to deeply connect with nature. However, it can be intimidating for beginners. To assist you in exploring the exciting world of moose hunting, we’ve created a brief guide to… Read more »

From Reel to Meal: How To Clean, Filet, and Cook Your Freshly Caught Fish

So. You’ve read our blog about catching a trophy fish, and it paid off: you caught the perfect fish! But once that adrenaline of the catch wears off, you’re left with a question: Now what? Don’t worry— we’ve got you covered. Whether you’ve landed your first big catch on Reindeer Lake or need a quick… Read more »

Perfect Beverage Pairings for Your Fresh Catch from Reindeer Lake

If you’re here, you’ve likely already reeled in some impressive catches from the calm waters of everyone’s favourite, Reindeer Lake. Now, imagine enhancing your lakeside victory with a cool, refreshing beverage that perfectly complements the unique flavours of your fresh catch. From the rich Northern Pike to the subtly flavored Lake Trout, we’ve got you covered… Read more »

Debunking Common Summer Safety Myths

If you’re getting ready to take a summer fishing trip, you’re likely hearing lots of comments, from requests to bring back some fish to people warning you about safety. We all have heard countless nuggets of ‘wisdom’ passed down through generations, but not all these summer safety tips hold water (pun intended). Let’s go through… Read more »

Corporate Retreats Reimagined: How Fishing Trips Can Boost Teamwork and Employee Satisfaction

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to hit the refresh button on your corporate retreats. Gone are the days of stuffy conference rooms and awkward icebreakers. Instead, imagine the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, and a fishing rod in hand as you connect with your colleagues in a truly… Read more »

Get Ready for the Best Season Yet at Lawrence Bay Lodge!

Are you ready for the fishing trip of a lifetime? Look no further than Lawrence Bay Lodge, nestled in the pristine wilderness of Saskatchewan. Our 2023 season kicks off on June 6th, and we expect it to be our best season yet! With exceptional fishing opportunities for coveted trophy northern pike and other highly sought-after fish right on… Read more »

Tasty Fish Recipes to Try with The Fish You Catch

One of the greatest joys of catching a fish is being able to eat it. Everyone has their favorite recipe- whether you like it fried, grilled, or put into patties! Of course, fresh fish needs little seasoning, but if you’re looking to branch out and try some new recipes, below are four recipes featuring fish… Read more »