Advice for Successfully Releasing a Fish

Many areas, including Reindeer Lake, participate in catch-and-release fishing programs. And while catching fish is fairly straightforward, the releasing art may be difficult for those new to the sport. Here are just a few words of advice to read up on before you head out to the Saskatchewan!

The first – and most important – thing to remember is to keep your line tight and set the hook as soon as you detect a bite. This will reduce the chance of you hooking the fish too deep, which makes it much easier (and less damaging to the fish) to remove your hook.

If you hook your fish too deep and try to release it afterwards, the fish is five times more likely to die than if it had just been hooked in the jaw.

When unhooking your fish, you can also use a net to keep your catch in place, or you can keep it in the water. If you do need to pull the fish out of the water for a better grip, do not pull it out by the line. This will only embed the hook deeper.

Once you see where the hook is, take precaution when removing. If your fish is deeply hooked, do not try to pull the hook out – as you can cause more damage to the gills or internal organs. Instead, our advice is to snip the line close to the fish’s mouth while handling it as carefully as possible.

If you want to take the opportune photo of you and your big catch of the day, do your best to snap the shot quickly. Please use caution by taking the photo of the fish while they are partially still in the water. Research shows that each minute that passes when a fish is out of water, their mortality rate increases.

Be kind to the animals around you and abide by your local catch and release policies. These extra precautions will help maintain the fishing population for you and all the others that wish to enjoy this hobby.

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