Gainer the Gopher Predicts Winter’s End in Saskatchewan

The sun is shining and the groundhog predicted the end of winter for us here in Saskatchewan! Even though cold temperatures don’t stop us from fishing, it would be nice to catch a few in just a long sleeve shirt and pants, instead of the heavy winter gear. So let’s look at some of the glorious weather predictions for Saskatchewan this spring! posted a video of Gainer the Gopher, well his stunt double anyways. Turns out the furry friend did not see his shadow, and we should see the end of winter soon. Though this method is not usually accurate, Climatologist Danny Blair is. In his interview with, he mentions that this winter has been the warmest on record, so there isn’t much of a transition into spring as usual. Blair states later in the article, “The next two weeks look way above normal still. There’s no sign of really cold weather out there“.

So, you can pack up your waders and your pole if you’re not the cold weather type. It seems like the wait is over. You can’t always trust a groundhog, but you can trust the climatologist who agrees with him!  Read more: