Scent Detection During Hunting

Your scent matters for hunting – a lot. In fact, humans have an odor that many animals can easily detect. Even the best camouflage can’t fool a deer or moose. Yet scent control is easy to overlook. Many hunters are guilty of overlooking this and they end up paying the price by not seeing any sort of animal on their hunt.

If human scent poses a problem for hunting, what can we do about it?

Scent reduction

The absolute ideal scenario would be to smell like nothing at all while hunting, however becoming truly scent-free is impossible. To reduce your scent, since you’re competing against expert-level noses, ditch the smelly stuff you lather on your body. Take a look at all of your toiletries; chances are they all contain added fragrance and these scents can last on skin, hair and clothing for days.

Scent Masking

We know that becoming scentless is impossible, so try to fool animals with a scent disguise. Instead of smelling like a human, try to smell like the woods by storing your clothing in containers with pine boughs. There are several cover scents available, just make sure the scent fits with the environment you are hunting in.

Deer and moose have an excellent sense of smell, so the next time you go hunting be sure to think about your scent and how it could affect your hunting experience. If you are looking to hunt moose in Canada, we would love to have you stay with us at Lawrence Bay Lodge. The moose hunting in Saskatchewan has been remarkable for the past five years, so give us a call today at 701-262-4560 to set up your hunting trip of a lifetime!