Why to Plan Your Family Vacation for the Off-Season

Summer is filled with ice cream cones, swimming pools, beach visits, and inevitably, family vacations. Summer is when the majority of people choose to get on a plane and head to their summer vacation destination, basking in summer heat. However, there are plenty of advantages to traveling “off-season,” for instance in the early fall, when the summer tourists return home. If you can arrange traveling off-season, it is definitely worth the effort. Traveling off-season has plenty of benefits, especially through the fall months, which make traveling off-season a great option for families to consider. We are closed for the season, but it is never too early to plan a vacation for the fall of 2017.

Cooler Weather – Although many people fear traveling off-season because they are concerned about bad weather, the weather can really be an advantage in the fall months. Although it can be much cooler than summer temperatures, it can also make being active outside more comfortable. Many people that vacation in the summer are at constant risk for sunburn or heart exhaustion and you have to constantly be aware of outside exposure. You’re less likely to run into these issues in the off-season. Hot temperatures can also make you extremely lethargic, limiting your time outside. However, in the cooler weather, it is much easier to participate in outside activities.

Family Bonding – With cooler weather comes the cherished feeling of comfort and warmth. Vacationing in the fall can give families plenty of reasons to remain inside and bond with one another. People might argue that you could bond as a family at home and that might be true, but it is so easy at home to fall into the habit of shutting the door or going on our electronics and isolating ourselves. If you are in a cozy lodge surrounded by the great outdoors and home cooked meals prepared for you, you’ll be much more likely to gather as a family to bond over meals, games, and conversation. Outdoor activities are certainly available in the fall months as well but you can use cooler weather as an excuse to gather around a crackling fire with the people you love.

Saving Dollars – Cost is a huge factor when choosing to travel during the off-season and it is the main reason most people decide to do so. Many people travel off-season because they are on a tight budget for traveling and vacation and they are seeking more affordable costs. You can really save quite a bit of money when you aren’t traveling during the peak of the summer. Although some rates remain the same, many hotels and flights end up dropping costs because in order to entice people. Some local tourist attractions will also drop prices because they don’t have the mass crowds they had in the summer months.

Fewer Crowds – For many families, especially those with younger children, crowds of people are not appealing. In the summer, most destinations are filled with people, shoulder to shoulder. During the off-season, the crowds are not as plentiful. Less people are traveling which means shorter lines and quicker access to attractions. Many people will tell you that customer service is better during the off-season because they have fewer people to accommodate.

Although summer is an enticing season to travel, it isn’t the only option. Traveling off season has benefits to and it’s something to consider if you are traveling on a budget.