How to Prepare for Your Fishing Trip

The idea of fishing is simple. Hook the bait, cast and game fish. However, the act of fishing is far more complex. Whether you are visiting us for a week or just a weekend, here are a few things to take along with you so you can have the very best fishing experience:

Waterproof bag

Chances are you will get wet while fishing, even if you don’t intend to. Pack a waterproof bag or even a Ziplock bag for your wallet, phone and other items you think might need the extra protection.

Pliers and hemostats

Sometimes it can be difficult to remove a hook from a fish’s mouth. Needle-nose pliers are good for large and stubbornly- hooked fish while hemostats work well for small game fish. Anglers don’t really think about pliers until they are in desperate need of them, so try not to overlook this important piece of gear.

Fishing license and regulations

In Canada, an angler must show a valid fishing license for the respective season. A photo of a fishing license stored on a cell phone is accepted as a license in possession. License requirements and regulations vary by state and country, so be sure to look into it before heading out on the water.


You just reeled in the biggest fish you’ve ever caught. To help capture the moment, consider bringing a waterproof camera or put a waterproof case on your cellphone. Perhaps you found a great spot where the fish are actively biting; to help remember the exact location, you could take a photo of the surrounding area so you can revisit it on another date.

Most importantly, remember fishing is fun, catching is amazing. Whether you reach your daily limit or get completely skunked, enjoy the outdoors out on the water!

Contact Lawrence Bay Lodge today at 701-262-4560 if you haven’t booked your fishing trip yet. With the fishing quality, excellent equipment, great guides and diversity offered by float planes, we know that our resort in Saskatchewan is one of the very best at delivering a perfect fishing trip.