Benefits of Camping for Kids

There are plenty of benefits that come with giving your children a chance to experience the great outdoors. Camping provides your kids with so much from an appreciation of the wilderness to the quality bonding time that escapes us at home. Lawrence Bay Lodge and the “camping” experience will bring your family closer together and bring out the best in your children. Camping comes with plenty of benefits for kids.

Mr. Golden Sun

Camping gets children away from artificial light, such as street lights and the dreaded, electronic device light.  Artificial light can negatively affect the body’s circadian rhythm, a key role in a good night’s sleep. The sun’s natural light cycle can help improve our overall sleep cycle, and being in the great outdoors allows for plenty of sunlight and well-rested children and parents.

How to Be Resourceful

Camping can teach your child to be resourceful. If you take your children fishing, for example, you can teach them how to “live off the land” and rely on the world around them. They can be taught how to function without all of the comforts of home such as their mobile devices and game consoles. Although our lodge is equipped with amenities to make your family comfortable, it can still bring children away from their must-have modern conveniences. In fact, they’ll forget about them.

Stress Reduction

Although adults are well-aware of “stress” between managing the family schedules, earning the money, and paying the bills, children are stressed as well. School is challenging for children, and friendships, sports, technology, all play a role in a child’s stress as well. Getting away and getting outside will help them feel like a child again and pull them away from their harsh realities. Exercising, through hiking or fishing, can also reduce stress and keep kids healthy.

Connect with Nature

Camping will help your children connect with the elements of nature which can rarely be done between school and home. Nature and camping provides us with plenty of “teachable moments.” You can educate your children on trees, animals, stars, and more, all of which they wouldn’t normally be interested in. You can also just sit in the quiet hush of trees with them and watch them stare in wonder at the world in a way that they rarely see it.

Bonding Experience

A campfire is the perfect place to bond as a family. The moments you share while sitting fireside will be cherished forever, by both parent and child. There is nothing like spending time with people you love under the stars. You will get to know each other in a way that you haven’t before, and everyone will be better for it.

Allow Lawrence Bay Lodge to help make your family vacation one to remember.