Common Costly Mistakes of Hiking

Now that the weather is warming up across the country, you’re likely planning some summer hiking trips in the upcoming months. But remember: a good hike is only as good as it is safe.

Here are some common mistakes that even seasoned hikers make, that could cause a lot of trouble and put you and your fellow hikers in danger.

Misconceptions about the trail

According to the Sierra Club, the most common mistake that hikers make is underestimating the trail they’re about to take on. Research elevation, length, and difficulty ratings before you take on a new trail, and if you’re hiking with a group, make sure you choose a trail that each person is comfortable hiking.

Off-roading it

If you’re familiar with a certain area that you hike frequently, it can be tempting to stray away from the trail, but be careful: even the most experienced hikers can get turned around and end up lost with no cell service and no map, far from their original trail. Take precautions if you’re going to go off the trail, and make sure you’ll be able to find your way back.


We know that setting off for a hike with a huge backpack full of supplies doesn’t exactly sound fun, but it’s important to be prepared. If you’re hiking a terrain that’ll get very cold at night, make sure you have a heavy enough jacket in case you get stuck out later than planned.

If you make sure to properly prepare, research the trail, and bring everything you need, you can avoid these potentially dangerous and costly hiking mistakes.

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