Home Cooked Meals and Why They Matter to Lawrence Bay Lodge

At Lawrence Bay Lodge, we pride ourselves on offering home cooked meals in our lodge that are guests can enjoy throughout their stay. From a hot breakfast to a filling dinner, we offer homemade meals that make our guests feel at home. Home cooked meals are both delicious and beneficial, making homemade meals important to not only our guests but to us as well. There are many benefits to home cooked meals and that is why we have made it a priority to offer them to our guests.

Nutritional Benefits

Whether you visit a sit-down restaurant or a typical fast food chain, food prepared in in these establishments are processed with high calories, fats, sugars, and more. By preparing home cooked meals, you are able to choose what you want to put into your food and what you don’t want to put into your food. You can choose the amount of dressing on your salad or the amount of sauce on your pasta. By preparing your own food, you’ll also start to understand recipes and grow comfortable with preparing food or substituting certain ingredients. For example, avocados which are very healthy fats can often substitute mayonnaise. Home cooked meals can help you to eat healthier options.

Portion Control

Preparing your own food takes time and effort. Sometimes it is just so much easier to find the nearest drive-thru and have it handed to you in minutes. The alarming part of that sentence is that it just takes minutes to prepare a “meal.” We find that although making home cooked meals require a tremendous amount of effort, the end result is well worth it. We prepare our own meals because when you eat something that someone put a little love into, it just tastes better. When cooking your food at home, you will also be less likely to overeat because you’ll only want to spend the time preparing what you truly need to feel full. Restaurants also tend to put three times a suggesting serving size of food on a plate. By preparing your own foods, you’ll also be able to control how much you’re eating and won’t be tempted to eat that extra portion of bread.

Come Together

Home cooked meals bring people together and sitting around the dinner table is something that many families struggle to commit to. By gathering around the table for meals, it encourages family and friends to bond. We love bringing families together and our home cooked meals are part of how we make that happen. We want families to enjoy their time here as a family and at the end of the day, come together for not just a meal but a memory.

Contact us to enjoy home cooked meals in our lodge, we would love to have you at our table. We also offer beautiful views, fishing adventures, and hunting excursions.