Fishing Northern Pike in Saskatchewan

Four Tips for Pike Fishing


[Photo Courtesy of Flickr]

Fishing for northern pike is an exhilarating and exciting event for anglers of all ages. This genera of fish is relatively easy to hook and difficult to catch, since they attract to most lures and their size is impressive.

Luckily, for us, Lawrence Bay Lodge is home to many pike and walleye alike. The quality of life for the fish has shown great improvement over the past ten years, so the fish are large and plentiful.

Pike, especially when large in stature, often avoid smaller prey. Minnows and bugs are effective, but larger lures work much better. Northern pike are usually at the top of the food chain, and their main food consists of whitefish and walleye. They love to hunt and ambush walleye. Therefore, wherever walleye dwell, you will likely find pike.

Great tips for enjoying your adventure:

  • Play with bait, he may take the bait and lose it, and he may come back. It is a challenge, but do not get frustrated, as many anglers report hooking the same pike repeatedly.
  • Trophy fish usually feed on two to three pound walleyes, so use larger bait to interest them. Sometimes, smaller bait works just as well, so it’s good to switch up bait from time to time.
  • Hold a pike by its gills and not the old-fashioned way of the eye socket. Holding fish by their eye sockets can cause severe pain and bleeding in the fish’s brain. This is very cruel to the fish, especially if you plan to throw the fish back.