Passing Down the Tradition of Fishing in Saskatchewan

Last month, the Saskatchewan government kicked off free fishing weekends. What this means is that anglers of all types are able to go out fishing without having to worry about licenses or other forms of registration. Despite that, other regulations are still in place, such as how much fish you can actually keep. Why is this important? Well, for one thing, free fishing weekends are just that…free. However, what these weekends allow is the preservation of heritage, between father and son, between families. The weekend was scheduled for July 11-12 and was synonymous with national fishing week. There was one caveat, however: wildfires.

As described by this article, officials were adamant that any fishermen taking part in the festivities avoid wildfire-affected areas by any means necessary. While we understand the thrill of fishing, especially on a free weekend, you still need to exhibit caution. If fishing isn’t safe, it isn’t fun – and what example would that set for the little ones? At Lawrence Bay Lodge, we understand that fishing and the outdoors is an essential part of Saskatchewan heritage; it’s in our blood and we applaud the efforts of the government to make that heritage accessible to all. It is the duty of us all to help reserve this wonderful tradition.

If you missed out on the weekend of July 11-12, it’s okay, because there is plans for another free weekend.

This free fishing weekend isn’t a first for Saskatchewan. In the winter, the government issued a free fishing weekend; fishermen and families were able to take advantage of waters full of fish. Due to the success of that winter weekend, the government is determined to have other weekends so that families will use their fishing heritage and create new traditions.

Remember, if you’d like to enjoy the excitement of fishing on your own schedule, Lawrence Bay Lodge has some of the best fishing in the entire country and we are all about helping you create new family traditions!